How To Make Money From Fraket Even If You Don’t Have An Ad

Today we are going to be sharing with you how you can make money from Fraket even if you don’t have an ad.

Although the way to make money from classified ads platform is to place your ad and get clients for your product or service but what if you don’t have an ad to place at the moment, does that mean you shouldn’t make money? Absolutely not.

Fraket brings to you a brand new way to make money even if you don’t have any ad to place.

How This Works

It’s really simple. You don’t need to work too hard to make money, all you need is a smart application of knowledge. There are two ways to make money from Fraket even without placing your own ad.

Place other people’s ad

Yes you heard that correctly. You can make money from Fraket by placing ads that are not yours. This is how it works, you meet your friends, colleagues or family members and find out if they have a phone that they would like to sell. If they do, negotiate a lower price with them and take a picture of the phone.

Fill the ad placement form on Fraket. While filling the form, set the price a slightly higher than the price you negotiated earlier so that you can have your profit, put your own phone number and upload the picture of the phone you snapped. Viola! That’s it. Now start receiving calls from prospective buyers.

After the transaction is done between you and the buyer, return the negotiated price to the owner and keep your profit.

Sell frako to other members on Fraket

That’s correct. If you don’t want to sell other people’s ad on the platform you can still make money selling frako to other members of the website.

Frako is the currency used to boost ads on Fraket. Members who want to boost their ad to make it stand out and become more visible need froko to do so.

You duty is to sell your frako to these people and make your money. But first, for you to be able to sell frako to other members you have to earn the froko. Earning frako is really easy, all you have to do is view and share (yours or) other peoples ad on your social media profile. When your friends click the ad you shared, you earn frako. It’s really that simple.

After earning frako, go to your account page and click sell frako, fill the form and viola! Those who want to buy frako will see your ad and contact you. After you’ve received payment from the buyer, go to your account and transfer frako. Fill the form and enter the corresponding amount of frako and viola! The deal is completed.

Those are 2 ways you can make money from Fraket even if you don’t have an ad. Now there’s no need for delay. Time they say is money. The sooner you start implementing those steps the sooner you’ll start making money.

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