New Members Reward On Fraket

Welcome to Fraket. Fraket is Nigeria’s most innovative classified ad website specialized in connecting smart phone buyers and sellers together.

As our first time visitor, we are excited to announce to you that we have a special reward for you.

As a way of appreciating you for using our website we have decided to reward you with Frako.

What is Frako?

Frako is the currency used on fraket to make transactions. Frako can be earn, bought or sold. With Frako you can turn an ordinary ad into an outstanding and attractive ad. You can use Frako to boost your ads and make them standout or you can also sell your Frako and get real cash.

For just 50 Frako you can start boosting your ads without having to pay any cash.

This is quite amazing because even if you don’t have any ads to put on our website you can still make money by earning and selling Frako.

Earning Frako is really easy too, all you have to do to earn Frako is to share the ads you find on our website on your social media profiles and as your friends click through your ads to our website, you will be rewarded with Frako.

By creating an account with us right now you will be rewarded with 10 Frako and immediately you create your first ad on our website you will be rewarded with another 15 Frako. When you share your ad on your social media profile and your friends begin to click through it, you will quickly earn another 25 Frako making a total of 50 Frako.

With your 50 Frako, you can now boost your ad to standout and get more views or you can sell your Frako and get real cash.

To create your account right now click here >> Create Account

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